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Law Prospects enables successful Criminal Lawyers to dramatically increase their bottom line by pairing their skillsets with our white-glove Criminal Defense Marketing System. Our system provides performance-weighted pricing for Attorneys seeking clients facing a DWI-related charge within the states of Minnesota or Texas.
These prospects are verified, actively considering legal representation by an Attorney, and have chosen to contact you specifically. Prospects are made available to our marketing partners with complete transparency, in real-time.
We do not sell DWI leads.
Law Prospects is currently seeking marketing relationships with (4) successful DWI Attorneys in Minnesota and (12) in Texas. These Attorneys will be ready to dramatically increase their bottom line with our criminal defense marketing system.

Criminal Defense Marketing Overview

About Us

Law Prospects understands how confusing legal processes can be, especially for those currently ensnarled in a DWI charge with no way to tell left from right. Our goal is to reorient confused consumers by providing a diverse range of education, raw information, and tools. With their paths laid out clearly ahead of them, a consumer brings their understanding into line with where they are in the DWI process. The only decision left to make is which path serves them best.
Many of these consumers naturally find they want the educated support of a DWI attorney. We facilitate these live connections by providing the opportunity to filter through Attorneys, narrowing in on those more closely aligned with their desired representation.
Prospects, now with a better understanding of their situation and opportunities, see an obvious path forward. This creates a naturally-aspirated client funnel, full of those ready to commit to professional representation.
Law Prospects understands, too, how difficult defense marketing can be for Attorneys. Our goal is to improve an Attorney's organizational efficiency, provide access to easy-to-use applications and webware, and promote less stressful client relationships. By making consumers' interests a top priority, our white-glove marketing system enables marketing partners to symbiotically reap the benefits.
Our marketing partners are key to making this all possible, as they are a part of our ecosystem.
To maintain this ecosystem, Law Prospects utilizes pivotal team members with more than 50 years of combined experience in direct-to-consumer marketing. Their established areas of success include: Legal Services, Financial Services, Insurance, and Home Loan Financing.
Nationwide, millions of Prospects have found their path forward, and our team lights the way with their canvassing, in-home, direct mail, inbound and outbound marketing, and display skillsets. Additional areas of expertise include programmatic, organic search engine optimization, and search advertising.
By combining our experience with the experiences of our advertising partners, Prospects and Attorneys alike acquire the knowledge they need to take a step in the logical direction.
What we can't do alone, we can do together.
Answers to questions about fees, adherence to regulations, requirements, and more, can be found in our FAQ. When you're ready, you may complete a Marketing Partnership Questionnaire.

How This Works

A potential client, when charged with a DWI, is no doubt going to fervently research how deep the water ahead of them is, perhaps before even leaving the traffic stop. To find hope for solid ground, they need an equally solid understanding of what consequences populate the depths, how to minimize those dangers (or better yet, outright avoid them), and what steps they need to take to save themselves.
With no knowledge about the DWI process, these clients seek out information and find us through a variety of means, such as organic search results or advertising. They learn about the potential consequences through our resources - including the daunting threat of license revocation, the potential loss of their job, or worse, the reduction of their freedom.
The oar they need to navigate the waters comes down to representation. Through our properties, they educate themselves and find tools and resources for Pro Se representation, Public Defenders, and Private Attorneys. Some of these potential clients want to know more about Private Attorney Representation. Luckily for them, there are tens of thousands of Criminal Attorneys within our contact database.
We provide a multitude of intuitive tools for both client and advertising partners. Potential clients can filter attorneys by geographic representation, experience level, types of representation, language, and fee ranges associated with their type of charge. With such a mass of information at hand, Law Prospects makes it easier to digest by including an informative video produced by us for each of our advertising partners. By supplying training, integration, walk-throughs, and tests, we ensure our partners can easily navigate our app and webware to help facilitate their success.
Potential clients receive a more comprehensive understanding of potential Attorneys before reaching out to them and providing contact information. This saves them, and you, time by allowing them to make more informed choices.
Now, they can be called "Prospects."
Answers to questions about fees, adherence to regulations, requirements, and more, can be found in our FAQ. When you're ready, you may complete a Marketing Partnership Questionnaire.

What to Expect (once on-boarded)

  • Our goals and motivations aligned with yours.
  • Integrity and transparency in all that we do.
  • We meet each state's requirements concerning Attorney Advertising.
  • All of the Prospects are generated by our in-house efforts. (To put it simply: there are no affiliates driving traffic to our properties.)
  • We are partners in this endeavor, each with different responsibilities.
  • The ability to create and track communication(s) between yourself and the Prospect within our webware and app - from beginning to end, when they become a Client.
  • Our tools are very easy to use, for both the technologically challenged and nerds alike. We will walk you through, test, and provide any training or integration you require.
  • You'll receive accurate estimates and real performance metrics for all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These KPIs anonymously reflect your individual results against group results. They can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Some of the specific KPIs monitored include; the number and type of prospects assigned, retained ratio, retained clients, and cost per retained client.
  • Charges are determined by performance-weighted pricing. The average cost per retained client is under $600.00.
Answers to questions about fees, adherence to regulations, requirements, and more, can be found in our FAQ. When you're ready, you may complete a Marketing Partnership Questionnaire.


You must be a current member of your state's Bar Association with no disciplinary actions, including no open or pending complaints.
(upon execution of agreement for services) You must mutually agree with Law Prospects, LLC's terms and conditions of service.
You must have a combined work experience of greater than or equal to 5 years as a Prosecutor and/or a Public Defender. (Federal, State, or Municipality).

Next Steps

Answers to questions about fees, adherence to regulations, requirements, and more, can be found in our FAQ. When you're ready, you may complete a Marketing Partnership Questionnaire.
**The questionnaire is required of every Attorney investigating a potential relationship with Law Prospects, LLC
We will review and verify your submission. Your submission's status and instructions for the next step will be included in an email sent to you within 4 days of submission.
If your submission is accepted, you'll receive a link to schedule a video meeting to further discuss your submission and review details about the services we can provide.
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