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Helping criminal lawyers "dramatically increase their bottom line" is what we do.
With this calculator, you're able to visualize a simplified version of a cost-benefit analysis so that you can move forward with transparency. No need to guess – know what you stand to gain.

Your average revenue per DWI case:
Monthly Retained Clients from Law Prospects:
Potential Total Revenue from New Clients:
Investment of $600 or less per client:
Monthly Addition to Your Bottom Line


With five (5) new clients acquired through Law Prospects, including the price of the investment, you could increase your bottom line every month!
The "monthly addition to your bottom line" does not account for all possible revenues or expenses.
For example, any additional referrals provided by these clients are not included in the potential revenue. Additionally, rent, staffing, and utility expenses are not anticipated, as these items are not likely to increase because of five additional new clients each month.

This calculator simply calculates an increase to your bottom-line using revenue and expenses as provided by your input. Your results may vary!

Before you go, be sure to check out our Criminal Defense Marketing Video Overview, review our Frequently Asked Questions, and when ready, complete our Attorney Partnership Questionnaire to learn more.

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