Frequently Asked Questions

These answers to frequently asked questions offer clarity on our services but are not intended to satisfy all of the questions you may have.
  • Does Law Prospects' comply with my state's rules and regulations concerning Attorney Advertising?

    • Yes. Our services may differ slightly in each state to ensure compliance with that state's rules and regulations concerning advertising. State-specific details will be provided to you, prior to any agreement being drafted.
  • Does Law Prospects' comply with The ABA's rules and regulations concerning Attorney Advertising?

    • Yes. Our services comply with The ABA's rules and regulations concerning advertising. Specific details will be provided prior to our agreement being drafted.
  • How do I dispute the validity of a Prospect?

    • Click Dispute. That's it! Inside our app, you simply click the prompt and your disputed prospect will automatically and instantly be credited back to your account.
  • What is the minimum contract term?

    • None. Either party may terminate our agreement with a one-day notice. Both parties will be required to satisfy their obligations under the agreement while it's in force.
  • Are these Prospects exclusive to me?

    • Some are, some are not. Law Prospects provides prospects to (1), (2), or (3) Attorneys. The prospect selects how many and which attorneys should be provided their information. Some prospects choose only (1) Attorney while others may choose (2) or (3) Attorneys, with (3) being the maximum. You will always know how many attorneys the prospect chooses to share their information with.
  • What if I do not have work history which includes being a Prosecutor or Public Defender?

    At this time, we are only seeking advertising/marketing relationships with prior Prosecutors and Public Defenders.
  • Where can I see the web properties and or other methods used to obtain the prospects?

    If you are offered a partnership, but before you agree to move forward, you will have an opportunity to review the materials.
  • How much do the prospects cost?

    We have performance-weighted pricing. The average cost per retained client is under $600.00.
  • What is the minimum monthly purchase requirement?

    • None. Law Prospects partners with Attorneys who would like to acquire (5) five or more DWI clients on an ongoing monthly basis.
  • How much is the initial investment?

    Each advertising partner will place $3,000 for initial account funding, into an escrow account at Law Prospects, LLC.
  • I'm Interested. How do I learn more?

    Watch our 3-Minute Criminal Defense Marketing Overview Video and when ready, complete a short partnership questionnaire here.
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