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Law Prospects' Criminal Defense Marketing Service increases a Criminal Defense Attorney's bottom line by pairing their skillsets with our white-glove marketing.
Bottom Line Calculator  •  Calculator for Criminal Defense Attorneys | Law Prospects
Our Bottom-Line Calculator assesses changes to investment and revenue for Attorneys considering partnering with Law Prospects for Criminal Defense Marketing.
Frequently Asked Questions  •  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Law Prospects
Learn more about Law Prospects, LLC's Criminal Defense Marketing services through our FAQ, with information on fees, regulations, and much more.
Prospecting For Clients 101  •  Prospecting 101: Turn Prospects into Clients by Law Prospects
Prospecting 101: Pan for Prospects in Lead Creek and apply your skillset to sort prospects from leads, retaining quality legal clients.
Contact Us  •  Details on Where to Contact Us | Law Prospects
Here is everything you need to contact Law Prospects.
Privacy Policy  •  Consumer Oriented Privacy Policy at Law Prospects
Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. The security of your information is detailed here, within the Law Prospects Privacy Policy.
Questionnaire  •  Advertising Partnership Questionnaire | Law Prospects
Attorneys seeking to increase their monthly stream of clients through a Law Prospects partnership should submit a questionnaire for additional information.
Partner Account Login  •  Partner Account Login | Law Prospects
Law Prospects partner accounts grant access to client contacts, personal growth metrics, comparisons, payment methods, and more. Log in to track your progress.
Register  •  Partner Account Registration | Law Prospects
Client details, tracked attorney metrics, payment methods, and more. Register now to access your Law Prospects account and keep up-to-date with your progress.
Appreciation Drawing  •  Law Prospects' Staff Appreciation Drawing
We're hosting a drawing for our prospective partners. Attorneys need to use their serial number to register to win the $250 staff appreciation prize.
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The Law Prospects Site Map can function as a tool to quickly navigate the site. It provides clickable links to pages full of information users need.
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